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TECHNIQUE -- Canon EOS Discovery Series video with me in it

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A number of years ago, Canon Europe asked me to work with them on a video series featuring different photographers in action. In addition to documentary photographer Erik Refner and sports photographer Clive Rose, Canon chose me as a wildlife photographer working in an exotic locale. I believe they used the video in trade shows and promotional packages throughout Europe but I never really found the finished video on the web. But, a friend from Italy just sent me a link to the Dutch media company Circus Family, who edited and produced the video and have it as an example of their work on their website. I'm really happy with how it turned out and think they did a great job. Thanks also to Russ and his staff at TwoFish in the Netherlands, who took the lead on the creative and logistical work to make the shoot happen. I had a little more hair and a little smoother skin but also much fewer photographic chops. The pics would be much better today but it was still a good gig :-)

Click here to see more of Circus Family's videos for Canon.



By the way, that's my business partner Paulo Valerio of Foto Verde Tours serving as chauffer, porter, and flash holder in this shoot. Thanks, Paulo! Next time I swear I'll get you a speaking role :-)

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