National Parks of Costa Rica

Basco’s stunning photography offers a visual testament to the wisdom of the Costa Rican government in preserving natural resources. . . . VERDICT - This inspirational volume can be used in science and environmental studies classes as well as enjoyed by general readers.
— Patricia Ann Owens, Library Journal

Costa Rica's nature like you've never before seen it!


A broad cross section of Costa Rica's amazing protected areas


Cinematic landscapes give a sense of place

The startling beauty of the photographs in these pages captures the elusive secret of Costa Rica’s charm. It is a book about living nature, an unsurpassed display of photographic artistry that reveals plants and animals in all of their glory―showing brilliant colors, fascinating postures, bizarre shapes, and intriguing behaviors. National Parks of Costa Rica transports the reader into the lives of tropical organisms and into the wonderful places where they are found. Costa Rica is a natural jewel, and this is a jewel of a book.
— Mary Jane West-Eberhard, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Engaging text to learn about the ecology of the places you visited


Amazing shots from the air


Detailed index so you can find your favorite place or animal