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Declared a national park in 1972, Manuel Antonio on the central Pacific coast is one of Costa Rica's first and perhaps its most famous national park. Its most striking feature is the tombolo - a land bridge created by the historical build up of sand - that connects the mainland to Cathedral Point, which used to be an island.

For my coffee table book on Costa Rica's natural wonders, I wanted an iconic image of this park that hopefully captured the essence of this protected jewel in one shot. I decided that an aerial photo was the way to go, and I envisioned a photo that would tell a little story but have an interesting graphic/geometric composition as well.

So, I went up in an ultralight plane an hour before sunset to ensure soft light and had my pilot make a few passes over the park, tilting the plane sideways so I could shoot straight down, until I got the shot I wanted. Shooting on a Monday, the one day a week the park is closed, meant I had no people in my frame, just glorious unspoiled nature!

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