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When I was in grad school in the US, my program was run in conjunction with the Missouri Botanical Garden, where I also worked full-time. I used to love browsing the old books of botanical illustrations in the Garden's fantastic library. I always wanted a hummingbird image that combined this style with the bird illustrations of John James Audubon.

This photo of a Coppery-headed Emerald visiting a native orchid in the Costa Rican highlands is the result of that little quest, and every time I view this picture it takes me back to those late winter afternoons, after work but before classes, browsing through the library stack at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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Metal prints boast astoundingly rich color. Aluminum sheets are covered with a special coating, and then dyes are infused directly into the surface of the metal, creating a beautiful depth and vibrance. Rainforest images look simply phenomenal on metal! My metal prints include a 1/2″ metal float block so they are ready to hang!

Ordering is easy and secure. I prep each image file using the latest professional software from Adobe and the industry standard Genuine Fractals from OnOne software for the highest quality prints.

Shipping costs are included for orders within the Continental US. For shipping to other areas of the US and to other countries, additional charges may apply.