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Costa Rica's Santa Rosa National Park is a dry forest treasure, and I have visited the area during the dry season. But, I really wanted a shot of the area in the rainy season, hopefully with a stormy sky.

There is a lookout in the park that involves a tough drive through mud and streams to reach a trailhead and then a 90 minute hike along the valley floor and then straight up to the top of a hill at 2,000 feet. I, along with my son Chris Basco and my good friend Fabrizio Tessaro, timed it to be there around 2:00, when thunderstorms usually start during the rainy season. That worked out perfectly, but if you shoot until you see a thunderstorm starting, you're sure to get wet!

And we did, hiking back down the hill and out to the dirt road and my car in the pouring rain. Negotiating the stream crossings in a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the pouring rain as darkness came on was a bit nervewracking. But, we got the shot, and ended the day with a hot shower, some cold beers, and good dinner back at our cabinas!

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