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A Guanaco (Lama guanicoe), one of the wild relatives of the Llama and Alpaca, rests on top of a hillside in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. I took this shot about 2 hours before sunset, meaning the sun was extremely bright. Exposure, focus, and composition were a challenge because I basically could not look through my camera for fear of damaging my eyes and my camera sensor. This is the file that came out of my camera, with nothing changed in the computer!

Canon 5DsR in 1.3x crop mode, Sigma 150-600 mm C zoom, handheld, f/22, 1/8000, ISO 50

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Metal prints boast astoundingly rich color. Aluminum sheets are covered with a special coating, and then dyes are infused directly into the surface of the metal, creating a beautiful depth and vibrance. Rainforest images look simply phenomenal on metal! My metal prints include a 1/2″ metal float block so they are ready to hang!

Ordering is easy and secure. I prep each image file using the latest professional software from Adobe and the industry standard Genuine Fractals from OnOne software for the highest quality prints.

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